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We have been providing exceptional business services since our founding in 1996. Let us show you the MSV difference.

Where to find us

Management Solutions of Virginia's headquarters is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Blacksburg, VA. We are a quick walk away from one of the leading Information Technology universities on the east coast, Virginia Tech. Our Team is spread out from Missoula, MT to New Orleans, LA and everywhere in-between. With access to the latest technologies, its no wonder why we lead the pack in the Information Technology world.

Our History

In the early days the company’s primary focus was business process improvement. The company’s earliest project included helping all types of companies enhance profit by developing strategies for expense control, marketing/sales, pricing and profit control. Our customer base included a number of for profit enterprises that ranged from a cotton gin in Alabama to a Public Traded utility company. The Company was successful by drawing on its depth of practical business experience.

As the Company gained momentum with its expertise in business processes it was a natural evolution to the helping companies with their Quality Improvement initiatives. This included a partnership with the American Productivity Center Consulting Group ( in Houston Texas. This consulting group is affiliated with The American Productivity Center. The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), an internationally recognized non-profit organization having the leadership position in providing expertise in benchmarking. APQC is the nation’s largest repository of best practices, and a Malcolm Baldridge Award creator and sponsor. APQC has been a leader in Quality improvement for more than 30 years (

The most significant benchmark for Management Solutions of Virginia came in 2005 with our association with Marshfield Food Safety LLC. Marshfield Food Safety LLC was in need of a Laboratory Information Management Solution (LIMS). We developed and deployed their Qual.Linc LIMS throughout their Laboratory network. As Marshfield Food Safety LLC grew so did Management Solutions of Virginia. Working in partnership with Marshfield we not only expanded our Quality Information Management experience but also gained tremendous experience working in food safety. The company’s partnership with Marshfield Food Safety LLC gave us the opportunity to deepen our relationship with Cargill Meat Solutions and work directly with P&G, Jennie-O Turkey Store, and Marshfield Clinics on software solutions for their Quality Food Safety Programs.

Our depth of experience in business, food safety and software development has been applied to our latest product. EnviroMap significantly enhances the process control for Environmental Testing while significantly reducing the manpower required to manage a comprehensive Environmental program.


Below is a list of customers and a brief description of projects we have completed.

  • Department of Defense - Defense Fuel Region America- This DOD Command is responsible for procurement and logistic movement of high quality jet fuel- Designed and Implemented new organizational structure to enhance customer service and provide a flexible structure.
  • Canandaigua Wine Company - The nation’s second largest International Wine Company- Facilitated Organizational Change and developed new work processes to fit new technology.
  • Plymouth Industries - A specialty papers manufacturer. Marketing strategy reviews and assisted in developing an International marketing Strategy.
  • NAPA Auto Parts Retailer - Developed inventory and financial controls to increase profitability.
  • Tolan Water Service - A diversified Water Company - Establish new organizational controls to enhance profitability.
  • U.S. Navy - Facilitated Organizational Change and Team building to enhance Organizational Effectiveness. Facilitated the implementation of High Performance Work Teams
  • Radford University - Small Business Assistance Center-Developed and implemented solutions for a multitude of Companies serving various industries. Including operational enhancement, business start-up and financial controls.
  • Marshfield Food Safety, LLC
  • Dominion Packaging
  • KwikTrip
  • Virtual IT
  • Sabic
  • Jennie-O
  • Trellebourg
  • Rhithron
  • Standard Labs
  • Roanoke County Schools